Tex Saverio
Halloween Get The Look: Tex Saverio Spring/Summer Collection 2015
Want more Halloween inspiration for the runway? Get ready for a sparkler! If you haven't heard of Indonesian designer Tex Saverio, you've likely seen his creations on some of Hollywood's biggest stars. For Lady Gaga Saverio created a black tulle gown for Harper's Bazaar. Kim Kardashian wore Sa...
Margaret Hamilton
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Margaret Hamilton
This week, in honor of our countdown to Halloween we had to pay homage to the original bad girl. Actress Margaret Hamilton, a warm and very kind woman is the talent who played the iconic classic Wicked Witch of the West. Now sure many don't exactly think of this infamously famous villain as a bea...
Breast Implants
Breast Reconstruction Surgery Facts In Honor of October Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Let's tackle a topic that sometimes gets overlooked in October- breast reconstruction surgery. Did you know only 42 percent of women opt for breast reconstruction after mastectomy, according to a recent study by JAMA. One reason cited was a fear that breast implants would prevent detection of a r...
Beauty Horror Stories: Embarrassing Nightmare Blunders & How To Avoid Them
Halloween might be scary, but there's nothing more terrifying than some of the most annoying, pesky beauty blunders happening when you least expect it. These horrifying moments can however be alleviated with these trusty lifesavers. Here's how to keep these spooky scenes from creeping up on you:
Eye Makeup
Halloween Eyes: Beauty Experts Share How To Get Perfect Lashes For October 31st
Halloween is the best time to experiment with your makeup and try some things you wouldn't normally do. Whether you are planning on being a unicorn, zombie, or Cinderella, bold lashes complete your look with any makeup and can take your costume to that next level. Hollywood makeup artists Lorna ...
3 Tips for Beauty Product Shopping with a Conscience: Expert Tips To Avoid Animal Tested Products Part 2
Even if we try to be conscientious about what's in our beauty products, expert personal-care brand Beauty Without Cruelty head Santosh Krinsky says we have to be even more dilegent. Krinsky tell us that most chemicals in most products were, at some point, tested on animals. "The certifying agenc...
Lynda Carter
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Lynda Carter
This week we honor classic beauty, Lynda Carter. In honor of October and the upcoming Halloween festivities, we decided to profile a gorgeous actress who rocked one of the most iconic costumes in comic book and television history.
3 Tips for Beauty Product Shopping with a Conscience: Expert Tips To Avoid Animal Tested Products
Animal rights advocate Santosh Krinsky says irony is nothing new in the beauty industry. "Most women are aware that animals have been used to test products," Krinsky admits. "But many may not realize that their current favorite makeup played a role in the torture of rabbits or mice, or that th...
Olive Oil
All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: 5 Ways To Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery Part 2
So you want to look and feel younger, but you don't really want to spend a whole lot on creams, doctor's visits, and endure the downtime from an invasive plastic surgery procedure. We hear ya! Thank goodness for Mother Earth's natural beauty remedies. Long before the days of Botox, facelifts, and...
Woman Looking in the Mirror
All Natural Anti-Aging Secrets: 5 Ways To Look Younger Without Plastic Surgery
From applying face cream on in an upward motion, to drinking a gallon of water a day to plump up your skin-we've all heard anti-aging advice from our mothers, aunts and grandmothers. The same thing holds true for women across the globe. Women all over the world are proving you can age well and gr...
Acne & Acne Scars: New Website Shares Tips On How To Treat Breakouts, Build Confidence, & Self-Esteem
Suffer from acne scars? Now there's a new site here to help your skin., is a new online social community dedicated to helping people who suffer from scarring associated with acne. The site just launched in the U.S. and features free resources and education on coping with the physi...
Bonnie Parker
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration Part 2
Still in need of some more Halloween costume inspiration after our first 5 suggestions? No worries, here are 5 more bad girls to choose from:
Meryl Streep
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Meryl Streep
This week we honor classic beauty, Meryl Streep as our Thursday Throwback. An iconic actress, Streep is considered one of the greatest of all time. Her impeccable talent has earned her countless nominations and awards, including 18 Oscar nods alone! We all have a favorite Meryl Streep movie. A...
Sharon Stone
Halloween Costume Ideas: 10 Sexy Scary Femme Fatales For Sinister Inspiration
OK so it may be a little early, but halloween will be here before you even know it! Why wait until the last minute to think of an awesome and unique costume idea? Considering soemthing sexy, yet sinister? Why not the classic vixen that is the femme fatale? We love the idea of a femme fatale. P...
Woman Looking In Mirror
Back To School Beauty: How To Get Rid of Summer Acne & Breakouts For A Healthy Fall Glow Part 2
Harsh UV rays, long late nights, and lazy beauty habits; your poor skin went through one tough summer! With fall well on the way, it's time to prepare for the transition ahead. Check out our skin care tips and budget-friendly buys for healthier skin, unclogged pores, and minimal breakouts for st...
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