Women Exercising
Runner’s Face, Sun Damage, & Thinning Hair: 3 Reasons Why Over-Exercising Can Be A Bad Thing Part 2
So if you read Part One of our talk with certified dermatologist Dr. Doris Day, you know that too much exercise can start to have premature aging effects on your skin. "Exercising is hard enough without the added stress of aging. It requires motivation, inspiration and commitment. You shouldn't ...
Rodarte Rosette Braids
Get The Runway Look: Rodarte Rosette Braids for Fall
Looking for a pretty braid tutorial to try? Consider the Fall 2013 styles from the runways of Rodarte last year. Guest contributor Steph Brinkerhoff for Latest-Hairstyles gave us the scoop on how to get this throiwbak style with seven super simple steps.
Women In Office
Top Professional Pitfalls: 5 Beauty Mistakes Not To Make At Work
It is possible to look pretty in a professional setting, but there's always that co-worker that takes things a little too far. Check out our five biggest beauty blunders for the office and tell us if you or someone you know is guilty of committing these professional pitfalls:
Vixen Sew-in
Think Before You Sew: What To Know About The Vixen Sew-In Braid Pattern
So the first time we saw this braid pattern in action we too were highly impressed. Usually with weaves, you are often limited to the ways you can wear it. But this bad boy not only let's you put your hair up n a ponytail, you can also part it down the middle, part it across, rock French braids, ...
Yoana Baraschi
Fastest Top Knot Hair Tips From Professional Stylist: Backstage at Yoana Baraschi NYFW S/S 15
Want a super quick, super chic bun up top your coren, better known as the beloved top knot? Who doesn't Whether youre looking to hide highlights that went haywire this summer at the chorline pool, or you need an easy-to-style hairdo that won't make you late for work or school, consider this lates...
Janelle Monae
Celebrity Get The Look: Janelle Monae Classic Pompadour
Who hasn't always wanted to try a pompadour? This look is super glam and super gorgeous! Singer Janelle Monae has made it her signature go-to look and we can totally see why! It's fabulous! But this sophisticated pompadour is an elegant lifesaver for women on the go too. Design Essentials Master ...
Beauty Blunders To Avoid: 5 Things Not To Do This Fall With Your Makeup & Skin Care
A new season is always exciting to prepare for, but sometimes we can all get a little too carried away. Fall is slowly but surely creeping up on us and with the new crisp air, here are five tips to keep in mind before you go overboard:
Men's Shave
Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 2
Razor bumps and razaor urn breakouts affecting your man? There's nothing worse than going in for a kiss and feeling the prickly effects of a bad shave! "Although no longer a matter of life or death, shaving is still a daily chore for approximately 71 million American men," Kyle Schroeder, co-f...
Men's SHve
Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 1
Ladies, it's a problem we gotta help our guys with. Razor bumps and razor burn are the worst! The balance between a close shave and razor burn that can trigger bumps, acne, and unwanted breakouts is probably the top skin care challenge men face. From our dads, boyfriends and hubbies, read up ...
Shay Mitchell
Celebrity Get the Look: Pretty Little Liars Shay Mitchell Summer To Fall Transition Hairstyle
Pretty Little Liars star Shay Mitchell! Nick Stenson, Creative Director for jcp salon and Matrix, created an amazing 2-in-1 style to transition from summer to fall! Nick showed us how he created a "some hair up, some down" unique look using a fishtail braid that wraps around the back of the head ...
Keri Hilson
Get The Look: Keri Hilson Fabulous Flat Iron Curls
Despite the current craze for clipless curling irons, most women still use the flat iron as their go-to styling tool. And that includes snging sensation Keri Hilson. We loved this throwback style the star used to rock and wear so well! At the Queendom Day Party in New Orleans, the Design Essenti...
Get The Runway Look: Tome Spring/Summer 2015 New York Fashion Week Collection
Teaming up with TOME for their Spring/Summer show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York 2014, evo and Hair Director, Lauren McCowan, created a look reminiscent of traditional Indian inspired hair braids. "The inspiration behind the look was motivated by Indian influences throughout the TOME MBFW...
Blowdry Hair
How To Make Your Blow Out Last A Full 72 Hours: Stylist Shares Secrets To The 3-Day Blow-Dry Part 2
Who knew a professional salon blowout could last you up to 72 hours? Stylist Mario Russo, that's who! Mario Russo, owner and lead stylist of Salon Mario Russo in Boston, is sharing his top tips for how to keep your blow-dry lasting. Check out Mario's second set of essential tips to make your hair...
Blow Dry
How To Make Your Blow Out Last A Full 72 Hours: Stylist Shares Secrets To The 3-Day Blow-Dry
With blow-dry bars continuing to pop up all over the country, more and more women are opting for professionals to wash and style their locks; And when you're spending $35+ for a professional blow-dry, you definitely want your style to last more than just 24 hours! Mario Russo, owner and lead styl...
Jennifer Lopez
Hair How To: Professional Hair Stylist Shares Secrets For A Perfect Top Knot Bun
Who doesn't love the simple and ease of a topknot? Sure the perfect blowout or twistout are both ideal and must try styles, but when you're super busy and your hair is the last thing on your mind, you need a simple yet chic way to style it.
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